Antonio Marras Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 Milan

A chance meeting with the painter Carol Rama was the spark of inspiration for the latest Antonio Marras show.  The designer even went as far as to incorporate key elements of Rama's art into his bold show prints. 

"I wanted to bring the idea of madness and contrast into this collection because  that was the core of her work," explained Marras before his show. 

As far as that goal goes, this collection was a success. It did feel a bit mad.All the voluminous shift dresses, tunics and kaftans made the perfect canvases for the collection's vibrant artisanal prints and patterns. These pieces were energized even further through an extensive amount of embroidery and three dimensional beadwork. 

Contrasts were also in abundant supply, both in the melange between Marras's and Rama's artistry and in the mash up of the printed and graphic bold-striped garments. 

Sometimes Marras let the madness get a bit out of hand. Seen back to back there was a certain sartorial cacophony to the clothing, a loud din that made this collection's few and far between quieter pieces , such as a blue single shoulder dress with an oversized burgundy ruffle edge or a white silk shorts and shirt combo with a collar made to mimic a pair of red finger nailed hands, stand out.


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