Jeremy Scott Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2011 New York

Kerpowowowow! In the world of fashion Jeremy Scott is the king of pop and hurrah for him because this collection, titled 'Candy Flip', jolted us right out of our seats from the very first photo – we knew he would, we wanted him to and he didn’t disappoint. We haven’t felt like this since oh, the Marc Jacobs show on Saint Valentines Day!

Scott’s new muse, 18 year old Charlotte Free, opened the show wearing a red ‘Enjoy God’ vest-top that remixed the Coca-cola logo matched with a yellow punkette miniskirt that zipped up the thigh and cutesy neon pink pig-tails. Rainbow coloured hair matched with block neon eye-shadows was a theme throughout the show as was a joke on plenty of other pop cultural logos: superman, dial-a-tshirt ads, b-movie horror, jelly beans, batman and bolts of lightning. Every single model walking this catwalk show looked like a street-wear superhero and it was as if Scott was saying hey, during this recession you don’t need body armour or minimalism to get you through, just find your inner superhero and light up the skies!

In a furry pink knitted jumper where the fluffy arms resembled angel wings, Andrej Pejic reminded us of Duran Duran from Barbarella. He wore pink high tops (a collaboration with Adidas. Did you spot Scott's panda bear high-tops when he took his bow?) and silver jeans that had motor-cross padding on the knee. Silver dresses on the girls and jeans on the boys continued, popping up between a purple plastic biker jacket and a black ‘slime’ jumper - we died! Other highlights were two fat knit skeleton motif jumpers (a pink version and a black) and our favourite, the pumpkin orange striped mini-dress.

High-brow critics turn their noses up a little at Scott’s antics but really, who cares, we think Manga and bright colours are fun, Scott is collectable and besides who says it can’t be Hallowe’en every day? This is the party we want to be at, where all the kids are wearing liquorice allsorts dresses (look no.37) and the bride walks into the room wearing a sparkling superwoman gown complete with red chiffon train (look no.43). “You’re holding me but who’s holding you?!” cried Lois Lane to Superman in the 1978 movie. Don’t sweat it Lois, we checked out his garms and the label says Jeremy Scott.

Update: Jeremy Scott named the 1997 movie Nowhere as a "touchstone" of inspiration for this collection. We totally recommend this modern b-movie comedy, it's a lot of fun...

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