Les Copains Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2013 Milan
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Les Copains Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2013 Milan

For his premiere spring/summer 2013 collection at Les Copains, Alessandro dell'Acqua chose to mix influences and develop a distinctive brocade pattern specifically for the Les Copains brand. This original textile - a brocade in shades of gold and blue - were featured on a mini skirt and a sleeveless dress. The Italian designer also boosted the Les Copain’s style by injecting a Yves Klein Blue in some of the key looks.

Throughout the show the audience could appreciate a soft play with transparency and the influence of Masai patterns subtlety incorporated to knitwear; which is what Les Copains is known for. The knitted A-line short skirts had a particular density that was enhanced by the sailor stripe pattern also displayed on an oversized jumper and a long cardigan. Some fitted Masai printed top and cigarette trousers tempered the voluminous knitted garments.

For this Spring/Summer collection Dell'Acqua reviewed the classic sailor stripes that he worked via various textures and fabrics.  The knit pieces where he embellished the stripes with a gold finish- making them more precious- announced the golden knitwear that would conclude the show.  "Gold for glamour" said Dell'Acqua and indeed the final look, a gold long knitted gown cinched at the waist with a thin leather belt, had a Studio 54 feel to it.

- Delphine Hervieu